Scotch Transparent Tape


Transparent Tape 600 72 3PK, 1″ x 2592″, 3″ Core, Transparent, 3/Pack

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When you have a million and one things to do, there’s one tape to get—Scotch® Transparent Tape. It’s clearly strong—holds things together in an instant; keeps things together for a long time. Clearly multi-purpose—ideal for all the jobs you need to get done. And clearly…clear—using 3M adhesive technology, it goes on transparently and won’t yellow with age. Scotch® Transparent Tape Refills fit into all standard dispensers, glide off the roll smoothly, and cut easily-without wasted tape. Whatever you need to get done, wherever you are—home, work or school—Scotch® Transparent Tape Refill Rolls are clearly ready to go to work. Tape Type: Transparent; Size: 1″ x 2592″; Core Size: 3″; Color(s): Transparent.